Tackle the Challenge With Mates

Every K is easier when you have support

K’s for R U OK? is your opportunity to not only form good habits, but also connect with your friends during challenging times.

We’re encouraging Australians to come together and start creating some great habits - exercising and strengthening connections with your friends and loved ones.

Join the challenge

Pick your team

Set up your team page and commit to your team K’s. On the days you can meet up, tackle the K’s together. On the days you can’t, clock the K’s in your own time. 

Remember to track all your K’s on your dashboard and check in with your team mates to keep them on track and motivated.

Join the challenge

Connection starts with conversations

Taking on the challenge with a mate or mates will give you access to your own support network and inspire you to meet your goals. 

Your team should provide you with words of encouragement, motivate you to meet your goal every day, check in on your progress, and celebrate your successes together.