Clock the K’s for R U OK?

It’s not about how fast or far you can run. It’s about connection, commitment and consistency.

You choose the distance you’ll run,jog,walk,wheel or push daily. You choose where, when, with who, and how you complete your K’s. You commit to your goal every day in July. And your K’s for R U OK? will bring us closer to a connected world and supporting those who may be struggling with life.

Your K's your way

Choose a distance that’s achievable – remember there are 31 days in July. You can do it alone, or why not get some help? Whether you pair up with your bestie or form a team, having someone else to motivate you on the days when it gets tough will really help.

Keep it consistent

Connect to Strava or Fitbit, or log in your K’s manually every day to show your progress. We want to help you form a healthy habit, so we’ll support you every step of the way, every day. Check out our resources page for top tips to keep you on track.

Build connections

K’s for R U OK? is an opportunity to connect with others and build good habits. Don’t be afraid to ask for support for your efforts – every K you clock and every dollar you raise will helps us start more conversations and support those who may be struggling with life.