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My target 155 kms

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge!

This July, I’m making a commitment to run every day and clock my K’s for R U OK?

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop consistent habits, and create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK?, starting conversations and changing lives!

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Raising Awareness

Monday 29th Jun
The topic of mental health is often ignored in our community, with many Australians not seeking help when they experience symptoms of a mental illness. It is important to remember that mental health issues can affect people differently, no two people are the same. 
Creating an open discussion and increasing our knowledge about how mental health effects those around us, can create a safe, positive environment for our community, and help remove the stigma that is present in our society.

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Rachel Dorman

Thank you for being you and doing wonderful things for people !! Good luck xx


Fardad Nejati

Run a few extra for me!


Ashley Pienaar

Well done 🙏🏻