We truly appreciate all of your efforts

Every step you take, every conversation you start and every dollar that you raise is helping to spread the R U OK? message and start more life-changing conversations and we couldn't be more grateful.

For those fundraisers who go above and beyond and raise over $500 we’re offering our special supporter pack which includes an R U OK? running bag, wrist band and water bottle.

How to smash your fundraising goals!

Personalise your page

It's your page - so own it!
Add a profile pic.
And if you have a personal story of why R U OK? is important to you, and you’re comfortable sharing your story, please do.

It’s not a secret

Make sure everyone knows what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Be sure to share daily updates – and they don’t all have to be asking for donations. Show photos or videos of your training and preparation or share some of the R U OK? resources.
Don’t forget to tag @ruokday and use #RUOKfundraiser and we'll share your posts below and the best will be shared each week in our Friday Instagram Story.

Set the bar

Show your commitment to the challenge and the cause by making the first donation to your page.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Most people will be delighted to support you and R U OK? It may take a few tries so make sure you get your reps in – ask a few times and in different ways – email / phone / in person / social media.

Start small

Before you go hard on social media, ask a few close friends (ones you know will support you) to make a donation. Once you’ve got a few runs on the board, cast the net wider and even more people will be keen to support you.

Show your gratitude

Make sure to thank every donor for their support, this could be a phone call, email or post on social media. A post showing your progress and tagging your latest donors to thank them is a great way to increase interest and show your gratitude at the same time.

Get social

Social media is the simplest way to reach a wide audience and can be easily done from almost anywhere - tag @ruokday for a chance to be featured in our Friday Insta Story. Email is also a great way to ask your friends for a donation.
Don’t forget the power of good old conversation – you can always drop into a chat that you’re fundraising for R U OK? and let your friends know why you’re passionate about R U OK? 

When you're posting about your page be sure to tag @ruokday and use #RUOKfundraiser to see your post below and help spread the message further.

Each Friday the best posts will be shared on our Instagram Story.

Thanks again for choosing support R U OK? as an #RUOKfundraiser.