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My target 600 kms

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge!

This July, I’m making a commitment to run, walk or cycle  every day and clock my K’s for R U OK? 

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop consistent habits, and create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK?, starting conversations and changing lives!

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Friday 31st Jul
So we reach the end of July and the K's for RUOk.  I thought I would share what this cause means to me. 

In July 2016, I got injured playing Rugby Union; ICL grade 3 tear, it was hanging on by a thread.  I got asked to give up Full Contact Rugby.  This was pretty hard to take, being told you can't play a game that you have so much passion for.   

3 Months later having made a substantial recovery, I got injured again, this time playing Touch Rugby, a full hamstring separation from the bone.  Mentally I really didn't deal with this very well, I thought I might not be able to run or walk properly again. I was shouting at my wife and kids for not understanding what I was going through. I got surgery in Nov 2016.  

A year later, almost to the week, having given up Touch Rugby for 2 seasons  and getting myself back to some level of fitness, I went back again.  That night I ran into my own player, I saw Russ out of the corner of my eye and braced for impact.  I hit him that hard I cracked two of his ribs and knocked his spine out of alignment, I also crushed 2 discs in my neck. 
When my Doctor told me that I had permanently damaged my neck and was very lucky not to be looking at the ceiling.  He told me I was never to play rugby in any form ever again.  This hit me so hard, I was angry, I replayed the hit in my head over and over again, trying to see if it was my neck or arm, I didn't want to accept it.  The friends and my family that I got to play along side for the past 10 years just stopped in a split second.  The mental impact was enormous.  My team stopped asking me to come down to the ground to practise (of course I couldn't anyway) but the lack of social interactions mounted week on week.
I bought a road bike in Oct 2018 to give me the opportunity to lose weight and get out of the house, beyond the knee and leg issues.  The rides helped and especially when I got the days to ride alongside my friends especially Joey and just talk, I talked he would listen, a lot.  I am very grateful for that.   Thank you JV

2019 was littered with little silly things, like teenagers not doing homework, selling a house that we lived in but didn't love and felt like it was falling down around us.  A met up with a friend of mine in May 2019, Brett, he'd tell me he had Colon Cancer.  Over the next year I would see him less and less and when I saw him, he would still have the strongest mindset even though he knew exactly what was going on . In May almost a year since he told me, he lost his fight.  Not being able to grieve properly with Covid-19 restrictions also plays its part.  I have friends and family on the front line is also proving to be hard. 

Running and Riding help me, this month I have run and rode further than I have ever done in any other month.  I have managed 3100km for the year and over 700km was during July.  Running and Riding help because I can let my mind wander and find solace, find priorities, refocus myself.   But what helps me most, more than all of it is being able to talk about it.  

Last Day

Friday 31st Jul

The support is incredible

Monday 27th Jul
Going into the last week, I truely want to say THANK YOU to all the support I have received over the course of July, espeically the last weekend.  I have seen the donations more than double.  
Honestly, I am proud, humbled and determined to make it through to the end of the week to maximise my effort to match the support. 


1/2 Marathon and the recovery run

Monday 20th Jul
Whoa! Kilometres madness.  Last time I ran a Half Marathon was back in  2012 in Cork!  That time, I ran 2hr 37 mins.  8 years later I managed to take 10 minutes off that time.  To be honest, I did stop a few times but throughly enjoyed it, until the headwind.  Even better, I didn't go straight to bed afterwards and sleep, so I must be fitter than I was last time.  These are very strange and somewhat stressful times, not knowing which way this virus is going to turn, how other people are acting in comparison to ourselves, how we react to all of that.  Running and Cycling provide me with a little escape and more importantly a return to normality.  Something as simple as when I finish the run, taking in that breath and taking the time to just enjoy it. 

Fog! What is going on?

Thursday 16th Jul
The halfway point: The mind starts to think that every step now is further away from the Start and closer to the Finish, quick bodyscan to check you're ok.  I've lasted this long, only got to do it again. 
It's funny how when running how you break the journey down, into smaller chunks.  At least I do.  10km. I used to run 1km and think "Right, can I do that another 9 times?" or hit the 2km mark and think "1/5th" then 1/4, then 1/3, and so on and so on until 4/5ths and we are nearly home.  After a while, this way of thinking disappears and in it's place is just the run. The mind can wander, think about other things, but always bring it back to the breathing and awareness of what's around you.  Haz does an amazing job of teaching us mindfullness, it took me a while to realise that running and to a lesser extent cycling does allow you to achieve the same centring techniques.  The first hurdle, I can't do this! can often be the hardest, but when you've overcome that and finally finish you can be proud of what you have achieved. 

Weekend Blitz

Monday 13th Jul
Weekend craziness.  Managed a nice stroll around Newport Lakes on Saturday, bumped into a number of friends who were escaping Lockdown by doing a bit of exercise.  
Sunday, decided a 100km bike ride was on the cards, although I didn't decide this until the 43km mark. Stayed away from the rain luckily it only hit when I got into the garage.  Pleased with the time 3.5 Hours. 

Day 10 - Push the boat out

Friday 10th Jul
Ok so Lockdown just hit properly and we have a huge spike in the numbers.  People are going to be feeling scared and anxious. The hit to the economy is going to be hard too.  These are worrying times indeed and I don't take it lightly.  People will feel down and even a sense of dispair, this the biggest reason to have a conversation with people, to help them navigate through the dark.  I've also passed my revised target again this week,  so in order to challenge myself, I'm setting my new target to 600km during JULY.  Now to be fair this includes Bike riding.  When I get closer to the finish I'll share the activity totals.  Stay safe everyone. 

Morning Ride - 30km

Thursday 9th Jul
So this morning I got up early to get the Ks in and meet up with a mate. Williamstown presented us with this. Now to find the legs to get a run done this afternoon.

Day 8 - End of Week 1

Wednesday 8th Jul
Last day before Lockdown - Found it very important to just check in with my team during our Start-up. Encouraged them to get out and enjoy the sun, get a bit of exercise and give them a break from work.

Day 7

Tuesday 7th Jul
Hit my targets on day 7! Crazy! Big thank you to everyone sponsoring  and supporting us! Needed to adjust to $800 I think. Bit more of a stretch and I think the mileage needs to be 250? 

Day 6 - AL day

Monday 6th Jul
Day off from work doesn’t mean a day off from the goal. 16km on foot yesterday with a nice 50km wind down today.  Makes you hungry though! 

Beer run! Wet and Cold

Friday 3rd Jul
10.5km today. Bit of rain and wind and was soaked at the end.  But enjoyable (that’s maybe a stretch)

Day 2 - Double wammy

Thursday 2nd Jul
Biathalon : 35km on the Bike followed by a 5km run. 
Hard work but enjoyable all the same.  Bumped in Diego at Altona beach.  Melbourne looking awesome as always. 

Ks for OKs - Day 1

Wednesday 1st Jul
Lunch time run - 5.5km - Bumped into a couple of friends I haven't seen in a while.  Spent 5 minutes catching up, forgot to pause Strava.  When will I learn?  Headspace and Buddify do a great session for getting out and about and finding your "YOUR TIME"

Thank you to my Sponsors



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