Westie's Shear 'N' Shave for Mental Health

By Aaron West

My name is Aaron West and I’m 17 years old and a Year 12 student at Temple Christian College (Mile End) in Adelaide.

My father Ian and I are shaving for Mental Health, with all proceeds going to R U OK?.

Remember all donations over $2 are tax deductible so get in and donate before the end of this financial year 😉

Key Details

Date: 2nd of July 2022

Charity: R U OK?

Coverage: Before and after photos will be taken on the day and posted on social media

A Little of My Story

I have and still personally battle with anxiety and depression.

It’s been a long hard journey and without my supportive family, caring teachers, medical professionals and a loving Church community I wouldn’t be here today.

I’ve hit rock bottom many times, but my parents in particular, are always there for me, with no exceptions. Even though Dad grew up on an Aussie farm in part of sheering shed, where ‘toughen up’, and ‘get the job done’ were the most commonly used phrases, he still supported me every step of the way and accepted that anxiety and depression is more than just a ‘bad day’ or ‘a weakness’.

Continuing to walk alongside me in my journey Dad (Ian) has agreed to shear his wild beard COMPLETELY OFF, which he hasn’t done in 46 years (since he was 20 years of age)!!!

Why R U OK? of all mental health charities you may be asking?

If I could recall a major turning point of my mental health journey, it would have to be being asked “are you ok” by a genuinely concerned, caring teacher. It wasn’t the first time someone had asked me, but it was undoubtedly genuine.

These three simple words when asked genuinely and lovingly (sometimes even more than once) can change the trajectory of someone’s life, and even save a life.

I know it certainly changed mine.

That is why Dad and I have chosen to shear his beard and shave my head for R U OK?.

If you’ve read this far, thank you for reading a little bit of my story, but most of all, thank you for helping to raise awareness for mental health in our society today.
Please share this donation link with as many people as you feel comfortable to. I would like to raise as much as possible for this truly worthy cause, as well as bringing much needed awareness to youth and young adult mental health.

Yours Sincerely,

Aaron and Ian West  


Please, from someone who has struggled with it, if you or someone you know is experiencing any symptoms of depression and/or anxiety reach out and ask for help today.
There is someone waiting and wanting to listen, talk and help you TODAY.

13 11 14

Call 24/7 for crisis support and suicide prevention services.
Text support is also available: 0477 13 11 14

Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636

Call 24/7 for advice, referral and support from a trained mental health professional


My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paula Collinson

Help you get closer to your goal !


Team Signaction

Well done AJ, proud of you mate



We are so proud of you and what an amazing cause to be involved in …


Annie And James Cowley

We are so proud of who you are. What you do helps others on their journey.


David (blondie) West

Congratulations Aaron on supporting this very important organisation. You can be very proud of your efforts. Well done! 👌


Josiah Bleby



Well done to both of you, much admiration


Heather Courtney

Proud of you


Rodger & Sue West

Keep it going 👍🏻


Suzi & Sparky Marquis

We are also advocates of R U OK, and stand with you, Aaron. It’s lovely to see your smiling face and we are so proud of what you are doing along with your Dad.


Nathan & Elisha West

Fantastic initiative! We are really proud of you


Ken Clements

Good on you and Dad Mate.


Jamieson Noutsatos

No words can convey my brotherly pride. May the love for your follow man continue to the corner stone is all you do.


Kathy Barkley

So proud of you both 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Richmond Fam

Awesome effort for an amazing cause!!


Dina Giaccio

God bless you Aaron xx


Courtney West

You make a bigger impact than you realise cuzzy! 😊


Hannah Koh & Family

So proud of and encouraged by both of you!


Paula Baker

A wonderful cause that I feel very passionate about 💙 you should be so proud of yourselves


Joel Philpot

Legend mateeeee


Lego Lover And Hayley

All the best tomorrow. Very keen to see the pics!


Chris Martins


Suz, Charlee & Storm

Aaron very proud to support you & Uncle Ian with this Love Suz, Charlee & Storm xox


Georgia Stathopoulos

Happy to help as everyone deserves to be heard, loved and supported . Saving lives is Such a valuable gift. Thank you for caring and raising awareness. You are very special to all x


Susan Morisset



Thank you for sharing your story Aaron. You and your dad are both inspirational 🙂


Uncle Martin And Aunty Sita Sinclair

Very proud of you champion


Craig Leith

So proud of the young man you have become Aaron. You were always one of my favourite students. What an amazing cause.


Neil Brightbard

Great cause Aaron.


Dina Giaccio

All the best to you Aaron, and my love to your parents


Claudine Greaves

Well done


Will Grosser


Ann Harrington

Well done you two! Best wishes for a cold head and face!


Magan And Amy Schaefer

Well done Aaron and Ian! Such a great cause...thanks for sacrificing your hair for it.


Karen Farrugia

Well done Aaron a very important cause I hope you reach your goal.



Aaron I wish you all the best for this amazing venture. May God bless you. So many people and families have been impacted by the effects of mental health. Good luck.


Helen Button

All the best Aaron and good for you supporting such a great cause


Dawn Sinclair

so very proud of you Aaron -love you to bits Mumma


Helen N Andrew Sinclair


Peter Winkley

Well done boys, great cause.


Linda & Jamie


Michael Sinclair




Nicole & Elijah

I’m so proud of the young man you’ve become and being vocal about a topic that is so incredibly important. God bless.



Very proud of you both xx



Good on you Aaron and Ian. Such an important topic that we struggle to talk about as a wider community. Good luck with your goal. Cheers Glassy


Stella, Heath, Bella & Jacob Frankel

You are a brave and courageous young man Aaron with a heart of gold. Your parents are also pretty amazing!


Terry Caputo

Awesome job Aaron! Great Cause!



Good on you Aaron, great effort (you too Ian) xx


Deborah Franklin & Family

All the best..




Mary Smith

Keep making lemonade out of lemons. Awesome effort Westmen.



What a change to you both Wow 😮


Shaz And Girls

Your an amazing young man and so very proud of what your achieving. Praying for you xxx


Joanne Taylor

Good Luck with your Fundraising I hope it all goes well for you. Sending Love Joanne


Aaron West


Debbie Gum

From one who has struggled with similar issues most of my life, I wish you well. Hopefully I’ll see you at boxing sometime (though I won’t recognise your dad without his beard!).


Ruth W

Excellent Job, Aaron and Ian. Fundraising for a great cause. The before and after photos are amazing. Good luck with your fundraising.


Trinity Avion

super proud of you Aaron, truly an inspiration!


Lydia Greaves


Tara Short


Lisa Hood

May God great blessing be poured out upon you. You are a remarkable young man who has a brilliant future ahead


Joan Lewis

Proud of you, hope all goes well



Aaron wishing you all the best for your fundraising .



Well done Aaron and Ian!



Great to see!


Josephine & Edward West


Preston Natale

Awesome stuff Aaron, making WKM proud!! Preston


Izzy Adams


The Lads Event


Karen Baum

Great work Aaron!


Josh Brenton Mooi