Double Ironman Triathlon + 29 Marathons in 29 days

By Andrew Myssonski

My Achievements

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Chalfont Consulting


Brian Fell

Fantastic effort




Kim Myssonski

I think you’re amazing. We all need some help in our lives at different times and your quest to make more awareness, and a subject we can all talk about with each other without feeling uncomfortable is remarkable. 🫢



One up on you AH


Lani Wilson

So amazed that you're tackling this, I'm enjoying watching your progress so far! Keep it up! And money for an exceptional cause. Thank you.


Laurs And Luke Phillips

We are so proud of you!!!! Such an inspiration. Anyone reading this, go and check in on a friend!


John Mackenzie

You go girl


Sean, Jo, Ash & Miah

Well done Andrew. Super proud that you’re supporting much needed conversations and reducing stigma .


Sybil Wishart

I think you’re bloody mad but a great cause.


Luke Mccreath

Give it hell mate!


Najwa Allen


Jordan Flynn

Giddy up big dog.


Izzy Muss

Get in son


Josh Wade

Proper impressive areas!


Jane Ungerer

Amazing Andrew!


Matt Kulas


Liam Collins

From Britt and Lee Love your work! Meh meh


Mahir And Breena


Louie Felsman

LES GO!!! Amazing work Andy. Such a good cause πŸ‘


Ryan Tredinnick

You’re a legend for attempting this!! Unfortunate that injuries stopped you completing, but the main thing is money raised, conversations started and stigma reduced. Keen to follow along the next part of your journey!!


Vivek Bhattacharjee


John Mostovoy


Nick Baz

My favourite trainee engineer x


Ben, Kate & Ella


Melissa Cooney


Eve Jones

Great effort Andrew!


Tom Dixon

You're amazing Mysso! Let me know if you need a water boy for any of your training.


Azza Bashford

Good luck mate!!!! Absolutely crazy


Kathleen Swann

This is both an amazing charity and a fantastic life experience for you. I look forward to seeing your post that you attempted or completed it.. enjoy the journey and training.


Ed, Ash & Sophia

Our money is on you to out-cycle a shark. So amazing Andy & for an incredible cause. You’re a bloody star x


Bronte Johnson

You're Doing Amazing Sweetie!


Brown Bear & Co

Andrew, it's time to show off those super sexy legs of yours! Run that "Are You OK Day" triathlon like a champ, and let those muscles do the talking. We'll be staring at those legs, but don't let that distract you from the finish line!



Great cause. Go Andrew!!! 😊


Valentine Novak

Keep up the good work myssoooooo


Mary Connie Kouparitsas

Such a worthy cause, well done, hope the run goes well.


Luke Garrett

Damn mate, ur a machine!


Rachel Mian

Damn, you sexy son of a gun!


Kev Geary

I love your calf muscles, and yes, you are crazy Miso!


Jessica Page

RIP Calves.. good luck!


Annette J

This is beyond impressive! Go well Andy! A great cause. 😊


Alex Williams

Amazing work!! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½


Daniel Pasquetti

Absolute weapon πŸ˜›πŸ™ŒπŸ½


Chris Polyichanin


Eve Jones

Best wishes Andrew


Elgin Nogaliza

Keep moving myso! looking forward to what you will accomplish


Sara O'brien


Peter Andruska


Jonty Phillips

Kick ya bastard


Debbie Lowrey

Hey Andrew. We’re SO proud of you and inspired by all you do. Keep it going. One day at a time. Deb and Jon



Such a good cause good luck Mysso!!!!


Rhonda Owen

Congratulations Andrew on a fantastic effort to raise awareness of such an important issue.


Peter Andruska


Scott & Tracey Pittard

Super impressive Andrew!!


Michael Molloy

Onya comrade!


Sally Rojahn

Well done Andy



Big effort!


Harry Issa

You go hard son


Kristen Tett

Good luck Andy! Great work so far :-)


Kylie Ingram





Thanks for running for such a good cause. You are inspiration to us all



First challenge (4x4x48) achieved!


Peter Dewitt

GL mate.


Jon C


Monty Jacka


Tom Cohen

You're going to smash it mate!



Go you wild thing, hope you smash your goal both physically & financially πŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌπŸƒπŸΌ


Greg O'mara

Hope you make it without having a coronary!!



Doing it for the feels