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My target 350 kms

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge! I'm doing this for my son Fletcher 💙 who is still with us and I'm grateful of that .

This July, I’m making a commitment to run every day and clock my K’s for R U OK?

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop consistent habits, and create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK?, starting conversations and changing lives!

My Updates

He got choked by a Jedi

Wednesday 29th Jul
Here’s a pic of fletchers rash guard that he brought after he rolled with obi . #RUOK

Ask the question

Monday 27th Jul

R u ok ?

Monday 27th Jul
Today I received a thank you package from the r u ok team !! I must admit I’m pretty proud of myself . I’ve raised $1000 to help them out 🥰 . Something I couldn’t of done without the help of everyone who donated . There is still time to donate to a worthy cause To make a suicide Free world 🌏

Thank you

Tuesday 21st Jul
Today I hit the magic number... not my step goal 😂😂 but I’ve raised over $1000!!! Thank you to everyone I couldn’t of done this without you all supporting me 🥰 each little bit helps to having more support for people who feel Like giving up

Flat Garmin !!

Sunday 19th Jul
My watch went flat ! Time for a walk to make up on some steps that I missed out on today

Dream big

Sunday 19th Jul
Well todays the day ! My adult child quit his job moved to the city to follow his dream . Did I try to talk him out of it ? He’ll NO !! I said go for it you’re young and you have a passion why be stuck somewhere you’re not happy . I’m actually very proud of him pursuing his dream to do jujitsu on a professional level . He’s more brave then me and I’m sure like many of us who are just stuck going through the motions of life and not challenging ourselves and putting ourselves out of our comfort zone . He has gone and done this all on his own . Organised accommodation , joined the gym He wants to train with and has put in for a heap of new jobs . He has come so far in the past two years from where he was . Does he still have his down moments?? Of course we all do but I’m here waiting for the call for me to listen or help think things through when he needs I’m one proud mum and I’m doing this for him 🥰


Thursday 9th Jul
Just over a year ago Fletcher was personally ask by obi if he would come role with him for 15 min . obi’s mission was to do ju jitzu for 24 hrs non stop to help raise money for R U OK. . What a guy right !!! Everyone had 15 min each to roll with obi . Most people understood he was doing it for 24 hrs and would take it easy just enjoyed their moment to roll with him but some went in with a vision to win and he actually got hurt badly but he still soldiered on and completed his mission . Obi has been a great influence on fletcher and helped me decide that I can also help raise money for such a great organisation. Let’s face it I can’t do ju jitzu 😂 I’m not even reaching my step goal per day due to travelling in the car for hours over the past couple days and my Garmin went flat 😭 yes I wanted to cry . But by the end of this month I hope I’ve made up what I haven’t reached and my goal is to have walked 350 km Keep sharing my post and donating because I can’t do this alone x

As a mum

Thursday 9th Jul
As a mum you never want to see your children struggle and go through hard times that they feel they can’t get out of . It’s heartbreaking ! Knowing you can’t really do anything but support suggest and be there . You’re the one your child feels safe with and will throw all the hurt at you . They don’t actually mean all the hurtful things they have said . Their angry and need to get it all out and as a mum I’ll take it and I’ll still love you . I’ve been told I’m selfish for wanting to keep them here on earth , it’s all my fault. I’ve even been told what he wants to be buried in and he gave me his good bye letter once . 

But I’ll fight for you . I’ll give my everything to ease some of your pain . 
This is why I’m going Ks for r u ok . Support is very limited especially in the country and sadly more and more people need their service. Every donation big or small helps . 

Stairs stairs and more stairs !

Monday 6th Jul
Trying to met my step goal in the holidays has been tough and I won’t lie most days I’m not reaching my target . But I’m not giving up I’ll try to make up what I haven’t achieved over the month . These stairs are helping but omg my legs are hurting 😂


Saturday 4th Jul
Yesterday steps weren’t great . Had a 5 hour drive which didn’t help but today is a new day to make up steps for yesterday

Steps steps steps

Thursday 2nd Jul
Steps met today ! No treadmill needed tonight 🥱 this mum has had a big day

Today’s the beginning 🥋

Wednesday 1st Jul
Today is the start  ! Wish me luck and please donate .  All donations greatly excepted. Garmin charged and ready  to go


Monday 22nd Jun
My trusty Garmin is going to help me track my steps next month. Let's hope I remember to keep it charged

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You are a wonderful and supportive mother! You will smash this!


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Fletcher struck goal when you became his Mum Deanne.


Deanne Clayton


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What a generous activity, you got this!


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This is so important and you are a wonderful human being! xxx


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