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helping othered and getting fit!

Hey, my name is Ella Samuels and I am currently  living in Melbourne Australia. 

We all know someone who has bad mental health currently  or has previously, I know I have been there before. That’s what r u ok? is here for. They are a organisation that helps everyday people try and turn their day around. But we can all do this by asking our friends or family if they’re ok?! 

My goal for the next month is to raise some money (hopefully $1000) that will go to the r u  ok? foundation  in hope they can help make someone’s day. My end of the bargain is I will do 2000 push ups by the end of the month. That means for every 50c donated, it’s a push up for me. So if you can hold up your end of the bargain and get me to $1000 that would be greatly appreciated and also help me get fit!!!

This will begin at 12am AEST on the 7th of May and will end 12am AEST on the 7th of June (31 days)

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Love you!


Nana Cook

Well done For standing up for something that matters to you.







Aunt Sal

Great job Ella raising awareness and money for mental health!



I hope you reach your goal ella.


Ella Samuels



Do push-ups


Amity Stojanoski

killin it





Send me video of my sponsored push up hehe -cami