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Fergusons Plumbing Group Encourages Team to Ask RU OK?

While we have a great team at Fergusons Plumbing Group, we are of course plumbers after all. Blocked Drains and Burst Pipes is what we do all day every day. So we totally ‘get it’, that for many people, it doesn’t always come naturally asking deep or personal questions.

 Fergusons Plumbing Group (FPG) is making an effort to help change this and to take the stigma out of the mental health issues. Most people experience anxiety or depression at some stage in their life, and it’s not at all uncommon. While it might seem like a very personal issue, it can be addressed with what is such a simple question: RU OK?

It’s such a basic question to ask but it can help to open up what is sometimes a really important conversation. Even if people are doing just fine, there should be zero harm in asking. If anything, people will often appreciate the care shown. We believe that you shouldn’t necessarily have to be married to someone to ask it as well, it should be OK to ask this of your friends, family and colleagues as well. We’ve worked hard to build great team spirit and mateship the staff at Fergusons Plumbing, and many of our plumbers build great friendships over the years.

We would like to encourage our team, your team, and anyone who has a brother, sister, mother, father or loves one to keep an eye out for each other, and not be afraid to check in from time to time ask that simple question: RU OK?

Thank you for helping us raise awareness.

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