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Taking the Weight off Mental Health (87km Weight Vest Walk) Join Us

Taking the Weight off Mental Health (87km Weight Vest Walk)

In late 2019 I was deeply affected by depression and attempted to take my own life, thankfully unsuccessfully and I have been able to change my life and use that very dark time in my life to impact lives of those around me (directly or indirectly) this has started a ripple effect within the Mental Health space, by being publicly vocal about my depression, life falling apart and also normalising not being okay, is okay and we need to desensitise the topic.

On 2nd January 2021 I walked 81.4km with a ‘TWL’ 9kg Weight Vest on from Mount Compass (SA) to Outer Harbor (SA). This walk took 19hrs to complete with a 3 programmed 30-minute rest breaks. 

The vest symbolises the weight the stigma and burden mental health has on someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety and from experience I know exactly how heavy it feels, so it is a physical act of solidarity for EVERYONE going through something.


My 2021 Campaign saw $7800 raised from RUOK? And Beyond Blue Australia collectively, which was entirely from me writing my story and not being ashamed of what id been through or attempted to do because I knew the cause was bigger than me. Since then I have had an overwhelming 49 different people (23 I had never met before) reach out to talk to me about their struggles or voice concern about someone they care about, the ripple effect is well and truly in play here.

This time, in Victoria I am walking further. 87km with the weight vest, Sorrento to St Kilda. 02-01-22 I will start the walk at 4am. 

Any support would be amazing, all going directly to RUOK? Who are changing the landscape within the mental health community not only here in Australia but also world wide!

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