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My target 31 kms

This July, I’m making a commitment to run every day and clock my K’s for R U OK?

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop consistent habits, and create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK?, starting conversations and changing lives!

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Great job Kate - in life and exercise!! Just quidditch along and you'll make it.


Karen Irwin

I am so proud of you


Carole Baskin

Well done cool cat!! From Another friend of your mums!


Donna Griffin

Fantastic cause Kate and fantastic effort (friend of Mum's)


Chris Smith

Hi Kate Well done for making the effort.


Brett Irwin

Look forward to seeing that


Tam Reuter

Go for it Kate - awesome of you! (and your lovely mum for the encouragement!), Tam


Sue-anne Blunden

Fantastic cause. Go on you Kate !


Michelle Kinmonth


Kate Irwin


Brindon Garcia

Thanks for your efforts!! Good luck with the challenge.


Margaret Smith

Well done Kate from Nanna Smith


Diana Ho

Good work and best of luck :) P.S - I work with Karen


Aarti Kashyap

Good Luck Kate - another work friend of your mums.




Grace Kennedy

Hopefully this gets you to your goal. Good luck from your mums work friend :)


Donald Trump

Kit, I forgot to mention, I’m a friend of your mums. I’ve redirected some Mexican wall money your way. 👌👌 #fajitafriday


Donald Trump

Kayte, really really really good job 👌👌. Amazing, totally good, wow, not even a marathon runner could run that far, that’s how good! Don’t worry about the other teams, they’re fake news #POTUS


Jb Hifi

Don’t ever bring your mum into our store again. We have lost 25% of our staff due to DVD gate. Has she not heard of on demand?? Who even buys DVD’s


Joe E

Hey kitty Kate, run like a tiger, raaar Remember, Carol killed her husband #Fact