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Annual R U OK? Day Fundraiser - Dinner Join Us

Annual R U OK? Day Fundraiser - Dinner

Welcome everyone to my fundraiser page. I want to thank you all for having the time to read my story and why I think you should come on my journey to raise money for such a great cause. 

My name is Ana! Living in NSW/ Sydney, reason why I want to share my story is for a while I thought it was a weakness but as I have shared them to my love ones , it came to be it isn't a weakness. It is my strength to show others that with talking you aren't alone!

R U OK? Day is such a great charity to raise funds for Suicidal Awareness.  If you know me or is reading this and wondering where my story is going, I am the bright, friendly person. Always wanting to help others, always wanting to make people smile and happy. But as I was growing up I experience some dark areas which sent my mind set into a dark tunnel which made me think to end my life. 

It triggered not long ago, when I was getting bullied in the workplace in 2018. My mind always wondered why would someone say or do something to me when I have done nothing to them. But unfortunately  there is people out there that wanted to bring me down, while people around me said its just them not you. My brain thought otherwise. While my brain was triggered and I was going down my dark path, I reached out to R U OK and other resources to get me through my tough time. 

I was always scared of medication, i always wanted to do it natural and on my own but what i found over the pass couple of years reaching out to doctors, family, friends and colleges they helped me to get the real Ana 'Avocado' back on track. 

I really couldn't do this journey without R U OKAY Association, family, friends, work colleges and doctor I am Ana 'Avocado' 2.0 ready for action and ready to make a change. 

Recently I lost a dear friend of mine who lost her battle with cancer. One of her amazing views on life was taking any chances that are thrown at her and live in the now... pretty much YOLO (You only live once). One thing even before her battle with cancer, she was someone who was incredibly positive, such a vision that when she put her mind into something she made such a difference.

While she was on her cancer journey she created a foundation to raise awareness for the rare cancer she had. She founded a page where she shared her journey and reached out to others who had the same journey and ensured them that they weren't alone. A simple questioned she asked made such a difference.

She was such an inspiration in my life, that made me think I can do the same with my journey and spread the word to people around me, and in my community  to let them know they are not alone and one simple conversation can change there life. We all experience a dark traumatic time in our life or know a love one who is going through it. If we stand together we can make a difference and help others around us through there tough journey. 

Welcome to my journey to raise money for Suicidal Awareness, we have an event coming up. We are waiting to finalize details, before sending any further information. If you are interested in coming along. Please let me know so we can send you an invitation. 

This is my first ever fundraiser, please help me share the word and help me get to my goal of $25,000. 

Thank you all for reading my story. Hope that together we can stand and come together to raise money for such a great cause. 

Love Avocado x 

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