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My target 160 kms

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

Hey all! 

On the 8th of December, I will be attempting to run 100 miles (that’s 160 kilometres) up, down and all around Mt Kosciuszko as part of the UTMB Ultra Trail race. 

While most of the time I run for fun (strange I know), this year will be a bit different. This time I’ll be raising funds to support a cause that’s important to me. And that is RUOK? 

RUOK? is an organisation that’s doing remarkable work in promoting mental wellbeing and preventing suicide. And while this race has been a goal of mine for some time, it’s also a great opportunity to hopefully make some sort of difference and help out a great cause. 

Any donation, big or small, will be greatly appreciated! And if that’s not possible, check in on a mate or family member and have a conversation. There are definitely some conversations I regret not having. 

Thanks a whole bunch for considering and remember that a conversation could change a life x

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Shelly Beach Ladies Golf Club

Good luck lachlan







Iga North Wyong Ness & Spud

Well done Bensley!


Dave Sherlock Hvfx

Good luck mate, huge effort.


J. Baker

So proud of you Lachy Bensley!!! An exceptional person with a well defined social conscience.


John Baker

You’re crazy……but also an outstanding young man. Love your determination!


Shanie Singleton

An unbelievably awesome achievement, Lachy.


Sue Davis



Love you bro big steps here pal admire what you’re doing here mate 💪🫶🏼


Mikaela Bensley

Go Lachs! X


Danni Elford

Great work Lachie. Good luck






Belinda & Will

We are so proud of you and wishing you all the best!! Goodluck :)


Mikaela Gammon

So so proud of you xx


John Dykes

Love your work king. Goro Goats baby 🐐


Lachlan Bensley


Todd & Emilie

You’re an inspiration ♥️


Jacob Kidd


C Brading

Go Lachie! So proud of you.


Tracey Leonard


Sharyn Glachan

Good luck darlin


Emma Brading

GO LACHY!!!!! You are an absolute inspiration - so proud of you!


Jmac ?

You’re the man. Proud of you xx


Julie Garratley

Impressive run, good luck!



They call him Mercedes BENS bc he runs like a machine


Kevin T

Too easyyy mate good luck!


Jess Mackinnon

You’ve got this!


Jenna Aitken

All the best legend!


Mikey Flesher

You’re my hero 😍😍😍


Fynn Aldridge

Get it king


Sylvia Macdougall



Jens Voigt once said “shut up legs, do what I tell you”. I think that quote will come in handy. Run hard Lachy!


Gus Bus

Well in big man


David Fisher



Olivia Flood

Rip in! :)


Graeme & Jo Scott


Mike & Di Mabey


Tracy D


Kathy Dean

Good on you Lachlan !


Mandy Giddings

Great effort Lachy. Good luck!



Get em Karim 🏃‍♂️


Amber Koen

You are a legend!


Ebony Graney

Go you weapon!


Mavis Palmer

Great job lachlan


Jimmy Kidd

Massive wheels pal, go hard 💪🏽🏃‍♂️


Rod & Katrina Lang

Go Lachy, so proud of you!


Sam Rose

Get it gurl!


Liam N



Tim Blackburn

Keep up the excellent work mate!


Brittany Freckelton



Jake Ritch

You the man!


Kieran Young


Sami M

“Run Forrest, Run”


Alex Mcalpine

Have a go son


Sheng Zeng

Bing chilling



Slay King <3


Laura Tedder






Andie Smith

Well done supporting such an important cause Lachlan, have a fantastic run.







Felicity Bondfield


Cynthia Chang

Slay queen, proud of you



Big Bensley Run



Great work Lachy


Peter Ward

Well done Lachlan



Ben Chilling


Harrison Kerle

run into my arms when you're done


Karin Linnet




Jack Otoole

Great job legend