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My target 310 kms

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge!

This July, I’m making a commitment to run every day and clock my K’s for R U OK?

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop consistent habits, and create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK?, starting conversations and changing lives!

My Updates

K's for R U OK?

Tuesday 4th Aug

Done !!!

Tuesday 4th Aug
Done for all those who wake everyday and struggle to be something they are not. You are not alone, you are loved, you are important, the world is a better place with you in it and there will always, always be someone who will never give up on you.
Shine Bright.

The Long Walk

Thursday 23rd Jul
I am over half way through this challenge and fundraising effort.  I am so touched by  the donations and that you take the time to read my posts on this journey.  Your comments, encouragement and feedback is gratefully received.  I appreciate  that through my social media and this page that people show support, but also reach out when they have their own worries and challenges that may be made less daunting by having someone to message and talk to.  I hope in some way I have helped those who have reached out to me after reading my story.  It makes this journey I am on, one with purpose.
Whilst on this K's  R U OK? journey I have noticed some changes in myself that are positive for me. I have increased my walking/running  on average 4 kilometres a day and this has resulted in me sleeping so much better ( I have not had to take a sleeping tablet for most of July and I had previously taken one most nights since the passing of daughter over 12 months ago), I am also a lot more hungry than previously but making an effort to make healthy choices.
My walks/runs are now apart of my daily routine and I miss them when the weather or life doesn't allow for me to complete my kilometres.

The Mental Health Stigma

Thursday 9th Jul
For many years I did not recognise the negative impact one's ignored poor mental health could have on their life experiences. Until recently it was one of shame, embarrassment, thinking that there was something 'wrong',  and that you were the cause of the poor mental health of those around you.
Growing up I was sensitive, empathetic, did enjoy my alone time and thrived on emotional connection. Aspects of myself I never felt as a negative until I spent time with people who felt they were not important.  
I had never even heard of 'depression' until my daughter Maddison was born. After a difficult pregnancy, birth and my mother passing away during the pregnancy, my doctor mentioned that he thought I had 'post natal depression'....that was it...just got on with life.  I do remember feeling very overwhelmed when my second daughter Phoebe was born.....but just got on with life.  As the demands and stresses of raising a family increased, my need for time out and the feeling of being over sensitive increased.  I did seek help at various times, but nothing ongoing. This helped  for short periods of time.  
Sharing what I was going through with others didn't seem like an option...the times I did, I felt judged, abnormal and  was worried the impact it may have on my work and friendships if I admitted that sometimes I felt really down. 
In Maddison's early teens I noticed concerning behaviours  ...she did have down days too, but it rapidly extended  beyond this....compulsive lying, risky behaviours, self harm, drugs and alcohol. This was beyond me been able to help her and I have learnt that she had to want to help herself, sometimes there were glimpses of hope, but that would all come crashing down worse than the episode before.  I know I  would access any information, support that was out there to try and help her, but regrettably her care and treatment was not consistent.  
I was considered to be someone who increased her problems.  As you can imagine the stress of that thought, triggered a very  long bout of depression in me.  I stepped out of the picture just for a short time to spend time on me, to be a better mother to my girls, a better wife to my husband.  But before I knew it Maddison was gone forever. Seven weeks after that my husband left as well.  During the following  months it felt like some days my grief was overwhelming, a feeling I have never felt before in my life. i will always be grateful for the opportunity to have ongoing therapy and the friends and family who supported me through a very emotional journey, and continue to do so.
For Maddison's story though, no one had any idea what her life was really like. She was good at hiding it and knew the right things to say.  
I did share some concerning aspects about her  over many years with friends and work colleagues, mainly for reassurance, support or advice.  
But  still  the disbelief and the comments of Maddison's passing were similar  to this......'i had no idea about any of this was going on' and 'why didn;t you ask for help'............for me it was the guilt that i had contributed to Maddison's downward spiral and the stigma associated with  Mental Health.....that people would not understand.  
I have come to realise how powerful the brain can be and in memory of Maddison I will always continue to promote the importance of recognising mental health issues.  I will continue  to work on maintaining my mental health - receiving ongoing therapy, maintaining 'real' connections with others, choosing healthy and regular exercise.  

Introducing my K's for R U OK? Buddy

Friday 3rd Jul

I have been on a health and fitness journey for over a year now.  With a run and walk most mornings and most evenings and nearly always accompanied by the family dog, Lilly.  Lilly was the family pet and was a great friend to my 2 girls as they were growing up, a little mischievous but who the girls would like to spend time with when they were having a bad day.  It is only Lilly and I  now, and at 13 years she is slowing down on the brisk walking days, but nevertheless will push you out of the way to be out the gate first to excitedly go exploring.  I find Lilly a good friend for myself these days, constantly following me around and checking on me in sad times.  I never imagined a pet to have such a positive impact on ones mental health and am glad my girls had the opportunity to experience it.  Maddison when home would often take Lilly for a run, take her to the café or the beach.  I feel happiness now that I am able to continue these activities with Lilly.  My daughter, Phoebe has just adopted a pet cat, who seems to give her great joy, along with company and affection just when her day doesn't go as you expected.

Not my life....

Sunday 21st Jun
I watched my daughter struggle with life for almost 10 years and then watched her spiral and detach from life for almost 2 years.  
After a number of attempts to end her own  life and surviving by using alcohol and drugs to cope with every day life, she finally made the decision the world would be better without her on March 4, 2019 age 22 years.  My life was forever changed, my family forever broken.  A  mental health journey of my own continues as I reflect on Maddison’s life  journey.
Maddison was such a strong advocate of R U OK ?  Seeing the impact others’ suicide had on herself, their friends and family ,  it was something she felt strongly about and something I want to continue for her.  
With her love of fitness,  she has inspired my own health  and fitness journey. I want to use this now to raise funds and awareness of  what we can do to  be aware  of the impact of poor mental  health & prevent suicide.
 If I can help stop one person from taking their life  and there family having to suffer forever it will be worth it.
Please get behind  R U  OK? Ask the question, save a life.

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Ian Scutts

Maddy would be proud!






💜Strength to you Lisa. 💜 Maddison will never be forgotten. 💜


Kat Kupsch

Lisa, you are amazing and it was such a pleasure to meet you. I would have loved to have met your daughter and it is very inspiring that you are keeping her legacy alive and helping others. Xxx


Michael Mcgirr

Good on you Lisa. You’ve got our support 💪👍


Cathy Clarkson


Sharon H

with love and support for your journey and always


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Your a star



Much love


Christine Irwin

So proud of you... love as always Chris xxx


Jocelyn Collis

With you always Lisa


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You are amazing Lisa!


Janell Mann

Lisa you are a strong and inspirational. Keep up the good work. Xx


Mamta Bhatt

Hi Lisa, I work with R U OK? and helped create this event. I've suffered myself from mental health issues and feelings of hopelessness with life. Reading your reason for participating, I'm so sad for your loss, but so inspired by your resilience. You are incredible. I hope taking part in this challenge helps you feel more connected and we can start more important conversations. Thank you so much for being apart of it x


Megan Courtney


Sue And Ben

Shine bright Lisa xx


Jon And Tracie

For our shining star smiling down on you every night. With Love xoxoxoxo


Tracy Woods

Sending much love!


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Sending hugs and lots of encouragement ... keep going Lisa XXX


The Smith"s

Your an inspiration Lisa. Your doing Maddy proud. Love to you. Im always here for you and Phee


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Well don Lisa. Inspiring 🤩 Keep going!