Gratitude in Action 2022!

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My personal challenge .... Gratitude in Action 2022!

I can’t believe that this is my 10th year of undertaking a Gratitude in Action Challenge.   What amazing causes we have collectively supported and what awesome adventures I have had ‘in action’ over each of those years.

 So many of you were amazing supporters and sharers of gratitude last year when I raised a whopping $4,385 for the Council on the Ageing (COTA) when I jumped in and went swimming with the sharks in honour of my wonderful grandfather, my Poppa, who left us at the young age of 99 years a year to the day from my swim.  He would be super chuffed to know of your generous support to shine a light on and raise money for opportunities to engage with our older Australians!

 As usual, I waited for a message from the universe as to what action I should undertake for my challenge and who I should support.

 Sadly, 2022 has been a personally tough year for me, as it has for many close to me.  Over the last few months, a number of family and close friends have left this world.  Through cancer, shockingly unexpected circumstances and tragically, the extreme decision to take their own lives.  This loss has really impacted me and more than ever caused me to think about life and what is important.  When I boil it down the answer has been very simple ... it’s the people in my life and what they mean to me and what I mean to them.   

Whether someone is experiencing tragedy, the challenges of mental ill-health, a rough patch or even just having a tough day, what really makes a difference is knowing and having people around you who love you and who check in to see if you are ok.  And if you aren’t, knowing that they are there for you can make all the difference.  It certainly has for me these last months!

 So, it seemed the universe had already set me on a path when I had the thought of supporting a cause that encouraged everyone to reach out and check in with each other.  At the same time, I felt a sense and urge to challenge myself in the spiritual and awesome wilderness of outback Australia.  So it really didn’t surprise me when I was led to a trek of the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory .... that starts on R U OK Day? for 2022!

 So I am setting off on a trek of the wild and beautiful Larapinta Trail west of Alice Springs.  Over 6 days I will be tackling part of the iconic Larapinta Trail, the length of which stretches from the old Alice Springs Telegraph Station to the peak of Mount Sonder along the backbone of the West MacDonnell Ranges.  Trekking over 70kms, I’ll be discovering the beauty of Central Australia during the day whilst camping out overnight in Red Centre.  I’ll even be ascending Mount Sonder, one of the Northern Territory’s highest peaks.  Now there’s just one slight kicker in all of this .... R U OK? Day is on 8th September 2022!  That means I have only 5 weeks to prepare!! So I’ve dipped back into my 2018 trek to Mount Everest Basecamp (for Dementia Australia) training schedule and I’m straight into it!!

 So as I am undertaking my compressed training regime, what can you do to help? 

 Yet again, this has been such a challenging year for so many and I recognise the power that small actions and small gifts can make. I am looking to raise $1,000 for R U OK?  R U OK’s mission is to inspire everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone who is struggling with life.   That's a cause I am 100% behind!

Thank you so much again and for being a part of the last 10 years of adventures. I never underestimate or fail to be overwhelmed by the generosity and support from all my friends and family … that means YOU!  

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Here in the red centre …

Wednesday 7th Sep
So I flew into Alice Springs today and have  loved the red centre already.  The dry river bed of the Todd River runs right around town so I had to go mid river and take a pic.  It’s stunning and I can’t wait to hit the trail tomorrow on R U OK? Day!  Thanks for pushing the donations right to the brink of $5000 … amazing!

Amazing work team …

Thursday 25th Aug
In training at the top of Mt Coolum.  Sporting a very questionable hat but also an amazing trophy from R U OK? for  our collective efforts and smashing the original fundraising target!  Thanks heaps everyone … we’re well  on our way to $4000 now!

First training session …. back in the boots and backpack!

Sunday 31st Jul

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lynette Perich

Wishing you a safe trekking


Marty Green

Have a great time Tashie!


Tony P

Good Luck!!


Paul And Anita Thomas

Good luck, Natasha.


I-exchange Australia

Good luck Natasha.


Graham Tamblyn

Great Goal and great effort, cheers.



Happy hiking Natasha!


Ian Butler

Very worthy cause


Laura And Phil

Hi my beautiful friend Tash, you're an inspiration to us all! Good luck on your trek! RU OK is such a great cause and a great way to start a conversation. Also, 8 September is a special day for me too as it's my parents' wedding anniversary in Ireland - they will be 63 years married on that day. Good luck, Tash! Laura xxxx


Katherine Gentile



Best of luck Natasha!! Such a great cause! Supporting you all the way for the journey ahead ✊


Jo Turner

Love you Bestie,, how inspirational are you! Have a blast. Lots of love Jony xxxx


Deb Ralston

Well done Tash!


Jim Lagopoulos



Thanks Tashi I’m really proud of your generosity of spirit and energy and for giving me the opportunity to support you in making a difference. In memory of the special people we have recently lost, thankyou. Mum XXX


Amanda Vincent

In loving memory of Mitch and Molly xx


Nicole Grainger-marsh


Simon Whittle


Russell Stitz


Lisa Aitken


Mervat Quirke

All the best Tash - you are amazing! :)


Tamara Read

So super proud of you sible. Love you Tam xxxx


Russell Mason

What a wonderful idea to celebrate 10 years of giving back to the community and just being a wonderful person. Thank you Natasha for being a great friend.


Jocelyn Walker

Great initiative Natasha. Proud of you ❤️


Tendai Dawkins're amazing. What a generous heart you have...10 years of dedicated gratitude. Good luck. As always you will smash it!!!


Linda Holland

Good luck my dear friend , so proud of you xx


Jackie Mundy

Natasha you are awesome! And what a great cause - we've all been touched by mental health issues. Jackie xx


Andrew Pentland


Sophie Graham

Good luck for the challenge Natasha!


Kerry Staines

Good luck what a great cause and great adventure


Simon Brown

All the very best Natasha,


Fiona Cochran

A great cause. I love your commitment Natasha.


Sally Caddy

Well done Natasha and thank you for your care! XX


Amber James

Good on you Tash - a super worthy cause this year!


Kev Hegarty

Great cause! The stamina shown in your Gratitude in Action Challenges over the past 9 years will without doubt make the 10th one …….a walk in the park!


Sandra Harriman


Sharon Garrone

So glad you had a great time smashing another Gratitude in Action Natasha! Well done!!!


Darren Carlson

Good luck Natasha…can’t wait to hear about the trek!


Cielle & Matt Newton

Go Tashy, we love you x


D A Doyle

You are the bravest person I know!!


Ian Coombe

Good luck Natasha. I'll follow your progress. I know you will do it


Mara Russo

Go you! I'm super impressed, you're an inspiration and a remarkable woman.


Cath Manuel

Supporting you on this amazing journey!


Darryl Read

Good Luck Tash!!


Amit Arora

Keep up the good work. Thanks Amit


Kat Matthews

Love you Tashi, thanks for always being an ear to for me! Xx You are a special human


Natasha Read


Deborah Helen Keetley

Good luck my dear - I have no doubt you'll nail this one as you do all your challenges.


Rebecca Ramsay

Fantastic Natasha! I'm up for the next one Natasha - lead time is a bit tight this time around. Ill be with you in spirit, its a beautiful part of the world!! take care, enjoy, have fun x Bec


Amelia Hall


Sandra Jeffries

Very brave of you, Natasha. I admire your strength and resilience. Sandra


Katie Evans

A fantastic challenge to undertake Natasha! I look forward to following your journey~!!


Nicole Bycroft

Best of luck Natasha - what an amazing experience for a wonderful cause.


John Barton


Julie Garth (boorman)

Best of luck Tash. Julie x


Susi Du Toit

Well done Natasha - what a fabulous and worthwhile cause. Good luck on the walk - I'm sure you will see some amazing sights. Love, Susi xx




Maria Ferro

Go Tash!