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I'm fundraising for a great cause!

Almost five years ago I cycled from Sydney to Perth to raise funds and awareness of depression and suicide for the Black Dog Institute. Physically, as I had expected it was incredibly challenging  .... however emotionally, mentally it was far more of a challenge than I had dreamt it could ever be. Each day we have a choice about our attitude to life however some days it can be oh so difficult to choose a positive outlook despite how fortunate we are, despite all the friends around us, despite the brave face we show to the world. On days like those when I was cycling I looked to nature for answers, the solitary tiny yellow flower that, despite the adversity of setting root in the gravel on the side of a busy highway, stood firm and resolute. The Shingleback lizard that looked up and hissed defiantly moments before being crushed below the tyres of a twenty-four wheeler. I knew at times I was not OK and would have loved for someone to ask RUOK? I may not have fessed up, but for someone to show they cared by asking was all I probably needed. After I returned home I swapped my  "Taming the Black Dog" hi-vis vest for an "RUOK?" logo on my back and I have been amazed by the reception..... drivers give me space, many give me thumbs up, while others wind down their passenger window to shout out proudly that they are OK. I wear my RUOK vest with pride, with empathy for others, and with confidence that 'it has my back' while I am on the road.

I am 66 now and no longer fit enough to be a reliable member of the four person teams in the gruelling but amazingly exciting XPD adventure races ( ) but I can still be a support person for the younger, fitter, stronger competitors . This year the adventure race is being held near Port Douglas and I live in Sydney..... so my adventure is to cycle the 2,500 kms to the event and then to provide support for the adventure race. I feel confident that my RUOK? vest will "have my back" on the journey and hopefully I can raise some funds to help RUOK raise awareness and help others who need someone to ask "RUOK?"...and so I am reaching out for sponsorship ..... RUOK to help? :RUOK to help me help others? RUOK?

I dont know if I can still achieve a ride like this but there is only one way to find out, give it my best shot, and that is the adventure.

I have decided to fundraise for R U OK? to help spread their message and help prevent suicide. 

About 8 people take their own lives in Australia every day.

For every death, it’s estimated another 30 people will attempt suicide.

89% of people report knowing somebody who has made an attempt.

I want to help change these numbers.

R U OK?’s vision is of a world where we are all connected and protected from suicide. 

Their mission is to inspire everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

By inspiring people to take the time to ask, “Are you OK?” and listen, we can help people who are struggling with life to feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

Thank you so much for your support, together we will make a difference.

My Achievements

My Updates

The Route from Sydney to Palm Cove

Monday 31st May
The route has been a consideration of distance and climbing but also availability of food and water as their are some very isolated, remote areas one could pass through in Queensland.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Paul And Deb

Good Luck. Stay Safe. 👍👍


Anthony Low


Pippa And Pickels

A superman on wheels. You are a legend.



You are an inspiration!



Fantastic ! good luck


Maree Thomas

So proud of you Phil sending huge love will feel you all the way on your journey.



Tight lines - play safe.


Alison Underwood

You are amazing Phil! Love watching your progress. Enjoy the ride


Paul Lehane

Good luck old boy , stay upright


Tim S

Great adventure, and super important cause. Love reading your posts every evening and hearing your tales of the day!


Shane Ryan

Incredibly inspiring Phil. Loving the adventure. Keep charging for a very worthy cause


Anthony L

Ride safe, well and well-spirited Phil !


Trish R

Good luck my friend.





John Duffy

A tough way to get to Queensland, Phil, but it will be worth it. A wonderful initiative.


Liz Clark

Amazing effort Phil - achieving your goals and raising money for RUOK. Congratulations!


Monika Ball

Wishing you all the best Phil. Go safe and strong.! We'll be cheering you on. Mon and Matt


Emma Huxtable

Let’s make sure you hit that target before you get to your end destination! Thank you for always supporting me! Well done with what you are doing here is amazing and for such a good cause. Sending all the love! You have got this!!! xxx


Neece Carrigan

May the wind always be at your back, a good stash of chocolate in your pannier bags and any flat tyres few and far between. X


John Canao


Alfie Astorgano

If anyone can do this ride at 66, it’s you Phil. Look forward to your progress posts 😍


Alan Puleston

Hope that you are using the electric bike this time.......with a VERY long cable!


Phil Reed

Go well. Look ahead to learning of your success


Jenny-lee Scharnboeck

Love your work Phil - Legend!


Elma Kubur

Bon voayage Phil, all the best. Regards Elma


Louise Pollock

Stay safe, I’ll have a turmeric chia waiting for you!


Ian Mckay

What a fantastic thing you are doing


David Tarran

All the best for your great ride.


Lynne And Simon

Hi Phil, wishing you lots of love and endurance for another great adventure. Love Lynne and Simon


Laura Cush

I met you in Warialda and instantly wanted to know more about your journey. I’m in awe of your incredible passion and hope the tail wind guides you to your destination.


Philip Lincoln

Good on you, Phil. Wish I had the guts and stamina to take on such a challenge. Glad to contribute to a very worthwhile cause.


Probus Club Of Warrawee

An excellent and informative talk last Friday. Thank you.


Peter Barnes

A good cause


John Laird

Thanks for your Probus talk


Robyn & Greg Worthing

Hi Phil, Great work, keep peddling. Greg & Robyn


Rita And Lou

Good luck


Sally M

“The Man in the Arena” Theodore Roosevelt 1910


Michael Said

Phil You are one legendary human


Jon Wright

You're amazing Phil. You have my support, now and always!


Glenn Tomczak

Good on ya Phil. All the best.


Maddy Page

All my love and support, Phil! You’re one hell of a human being x


Luke Sinclair

No better time of year to run off to QLD mate 😉 in all seriousness you are one of the most inspirational people I've ever met and I'm confident you've got this one covered too. Great cause as always, god speed my friend 💪✌


Luke Johnson

Great to see you doing this Phil


Peter Loader


Melanie Cheong

Well done Phil! Great cause


Rob Plumbe

Impressive effort. Go Man !!!





Hey Phil Best of luck on your trip - you are doing a great job love the photos. All the best Nick


Robert Plant

Very inspirational talk


Paul Thomas

I think you know what to do by now Phil, face the bike north and peddle. I look forward to following your journey.


Brian Scott Sugden

Go for it. From HWMS


Jim And Robin Swain


David W

Good Onya Phil, another adventure and doing so much good along the way. 👍


Brian Shirley

Good man Phil. Best of luck


Dana Logiudice

Good luck!


Chicken Legs

Love the spirit.


Xiaodong Wu

Your experience really inspired me, I shared your story with my friends. Thanks, Steven Wu


Bill Killinger

Well done mate


Tom And Kerri Robertson

Great effort Phil - the couple at Banana!


Tess Woods



Love it! Let me know if you are passing through Crescent Head & need a bed for the night


Baxter Dollimore

Always an inspiration Phil, be safe.


Nick Flood

Good Luck Phil!


Carolyn Cannings

Thanks for doing the long ride for R U OK. It's such an important conversation to have with everyone you know.


Trish Newman

Well done Phil, I admire your stamina.


Pamela Newman

Good luck Phil xx


Sam Tasho

Best of luck Phill, wish you all the best in this amazing journey, safe riding!!!


Phil Newman