1,000Kms for R U OK?

By Feisar Joya Join Me

I'm fundraising for a great cause!

1,000s of reasons to support 'R U OK' and million of ways to ensure we support a great cause.  The goal: spread their message and help prevent suicide.

This time, I decided to ride over 1,000 kilometres and raise funds to support 'R U OK?' day - 9th of September 2021  

About 8 people take their own lives in Australia every day.

For every death, it’s estimated another 30 people will attempt suicide.

89% of people report knowing somebody who has made an attempt.

I want to help change these numbers.

R U OK?’s vision is of a world where we are all connected and protected from suicide. 

Their mission is to inspire everyone to meaningfully connect with the people around them and support anyone struggling with life.

By inspiring people to take the time to ask, “Are you OK?” and listen, we can help people who are struggling with life to feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

Thank you so much for your support, together we will make a difference.

My Achievements

My Updates

Ride 24 - Glenelg - final kilometres

Thursday 9th Sep
Virtual 35.96 kilometres

Ride 23 - Iseran Stage 2, Val-d'Arc

Thursday 9th Sep
Virtual 16.54 kilometres
31.55 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 22 - Vosges, railway recovery

Thursday 9th Sep
Virtual 10.02 kilometres
48.09 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 21 - Giro, Milano time trial

Thursday 9th Sep
Virtual 15.57 kilometres
58.11 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 20 - London City

Wednesday 8th Sep
Virtual 24.96 kilometres
73.68 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 19 - Victoria Park circuit and around

Tuesday 7th Sep
Live 66.26 kilometres
98.64 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 18 - Beach Loop

Tuesday 7th Sep
Live 60.43 kilometres
164.9 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 17 - Beach loop

Monday 6th Sep
Live 44.15 kilometres
225.33 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 16 - Norton Summit - Adelaide Airport

Saturday 4th Sep
Live 51.58 kilometres
269.48 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 15 - Adelaide Hills, Williamstown

Thursday 2nd Sep
Live 101.35 kilometres
321.06 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 14 - Glenenlg, Henley, Grange

Wednesday 1st Sep
Live 51.26 kilometres
422.41 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 13 - Burges City

Tuesday 31st Aug
Virtual 35.47 kilometres
473.67 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 12 - Victoria Park (with a bonus bee sting)

Sunday 29th Aug
Live 48.80 kilometres
509.14 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 11 - Glenelg, Reynella

Saturday 28th Aug
Live 65.94 kilometres
557.94 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 10 - SeaLink Express + Norton Summit

Friday 27th Aug
Live 67.81 kilometres
623.88 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 9 - Vosges, railway recovery

Thursday 26th Aug
Virtual 10.02 kilometres
691.69 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 8 - Amalfi Coast

Thursday 26th Aug
Virtual 30.63 kilometres
701.71 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 7 - Glenelg, Henley, Grange and back

Tuesday 24th Aug
Live 61.30 kilometres
732.34 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 6 - Lombardy, Lago d'laseo Stage 2

Sunday 22nd Aug
Virtual 37.17 kilometres
793.64 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 5 - Norton Summit, Ashton, Middle Earth, Deviation Rd, Carey Gully, Uraidla, Lofty, Crafers

Saturday 21st Aug
Live 54.82 kilometres
830.81 kilometres to complete goal

Ride 4 - Norton Summit down Greenhill Road

Friday 20th Aug
Live 24.08 kilometres
885.63kms to complete goal

Ride 3 - Lombardy, Lago d'laseo - Stage 1

Friday 20th Aug
Virtual 30.28 kilometres
909.71 to complete goal

Ride 2 - Tour of Mallorca Stage 6

Thursday 19th Aug
Virtual 29.08 kilometres
939.99 to complete goal

Ride 1 - Flanders Oudenaarde Tour 2

Wednesday 18th Aug
Virtual 30.93 Kilometres 969.07 to complete goal

Thank you to my Sponsors


David Lethbridge

Well done champ


Jeff Ellison

Great cause


Julian Sargeant

Well done compadré! From humble beginnings on the bike to honourable feats of endurance. I’m proud of you and happy to support such a great cause.


Paul Centenera

Hi Feisar, Good Luck. Paul Centenera


Juan Pablo Aguiar

Un abrazo amigo! Great cause!


Zulma Otero

Bravo 💪


Mauricio Sanchez

Well done mate!




Nicholas Burke

A great cause Feisar. Good luck with the ride and the campaign. Nick, Ella, Amelia and Sean


Adam Dray

Good on'ya Feisar. A great and worthy cause.




John Amici

Great cause.


Sandrine Peres

Very inspiring Feisar, thank you for making a difference


Ricardo Joya Moreno

Go dad, I hope you reach your goal


Vince And Fatima Della Verde


Teresa And Nelio Gomes

Thank you for this great initiative . It’s the little steps together that make great changes !


Mario Gonzalez


Ricardo Reynold

Felicidades Amigo.


Heberto & Patricia

Yes, I'm OK


Matt Mitchell

Great work Feisar!


Lincoln West

Well done


Bill Le Blanc

Great cause Feisar. Keep riding on.


Gustavo Eraso


Ignacio Recabarren

Great work Feisar for a great cause!!!!


Eneida Bini

Well done my friend!! Very proud of you. It’s a beautiful cause and very happy to support it as well. Take care!!


Tracey Horricks

Amazing stuff! 🚴 Such a worthy cause.


Isobel Walter-smith


Victor Dsilva


Pedro Junqueira

Well done Feisar. Great effort and keep you fit.


Deb Mckenzie


Anthony Hunter

Great work for a great cause Feisar, best of luck for your rides!!


Filomena Andrade


Melanie Judd

Fabulous cause Feisar! Goodluck,... with the ride.



Good luck with reaching your goal. Great cause


Monica Finazzo

Con mucho cariño


Livia Ramirez

Enjoy the riding for a great cause!


Annie Gant