R U OK pushup challenge

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I'm fundraising for a great cause!

Hello! My name is Pat Doherty and I’m a comedian from the Harbour City. 

This year I would simply love if you donated to my  fund raiser ‘the R U OK? push up challenge’ with all the money going to R U OK?

*not going to lie, this is heavy so please be prepared*

Late last year I lost my Brother to suicide and I can’t begin to describe how horrible it was and still is to this day. 

When it happened I had no idea what to do and I guess there isn’t any good answers but I do know this- if I can (in some small way) help prevent someone else’s Brother from dying from suicide, it would be my absolute privilege.

Therefore, the task is simple! 

1. Every day on Instagram I’ll call out three people to do 10 push-ups.

2. Those three people need to film themselves doing the push-ups and throw it on a Insta story.

3. Those three people need to also call out another three people and tag them in the Insta story so the whole thing can keep rolling along!

4. The point of tagging someone is to show them you’ve thinking of them and it’s a great way to start a convo if you’re comfy with that.

5. The point of the push-ups is to get jacked.

6. Please donate whatever you can throughout the process- my goal is to reach $5,000 for the great people at R U OK?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and participate- you truly are a living legend.

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Monday 13th Sep
first of all! thank you to everyone who has donated- the initial target of $1,000 was reached in a day! that’s phenomenal.
because the goal was reached so quickly i wanted to keep the  fund raiser’s original end date but raise the target.
hopefully we can get $5,000 by the end of the month! 
thank you again to everyone who donated- you didn’t have to but you did because you’re a sweet ,caring person and the world is a better place because you’re all in it! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Frank Vincent

This makes me proud Patch


444 Angels

Love you guys


Camilla Mckenzie

Love you xxx


Timothy Francis Mckenzie

Just a start for this great cause Patch...we all know how it can be if we don't really look out for each other and this initiative can make things better all round....please get on board....it's a crazy Covid world but the suffering we see may just bring us together as human beings who all need to be loved and valued for who we are.


Rob White And Lisa Hamilton

Important cause. Well done Pat.


Natasha Foxley


Emma White

Such an important cause!! Let’s get jacked and help beat depression! Promise I did my 10 push ups




Queenie ??

Amazing, tick! Xxxxxxxxx


Yokky B

proud of you tick x


Dom & Millie

Go jacked Pat!


Chris Grundy

Love you PMac



Gorguzzz cause well done Pat xx


Luke Kidgell

Good on ya mate! (I could have done 100 btw, was just warming up)


Annie Grundy

Nice work jacked man!!! Awesome cause !!


Ryan Cook

Love you Pat


A Ball

Great cause Pat xx


Finn Walsh


Jane & Richard Grundy

Fantastic cause Pat!!


Harry Jun

Hell yeah brother. Love your work and miss you lots.


Will Bentley-hawkins

Hope this pineapple goes a long way! Love your work Jimmy Neutron!



Love you Partch


Adrienne Andrews


Maddy Morwood


Cooper Goodacre

Absolutely love this Pat! Awesome to see you raise so much money in just over 24 hours. Keep it up legend 👍🏻👍🏻


Raphaël Duffy


Jemima Single



Billy D’arcy

Great stuff from the Patch man !!


Thomas Wallis



Good work mate


Holly Muir


Sam Barnes



Ruby Teys

Go Pat xxx


Bronte Elvin

Nice work 💪🏼



Nice job Pat


Annie Boyle

Nice work pat!!





Looking goood